Frozen Yeast

What is Frozen Yeast?

Free-Flowing Frozen Yeast (FFFY) was first developed and refined right here at Lesaffre. Frozen yeast allows bakers to meet the growing demands for frozen dough products. With frozen yeast, you’ll also enjoy the advantages of dry yeast combined with the excellent performance of fresh compressed yeast.


Are you working primarily with frozen dough applications? Here’s how Lesaffre’s frozen yeast products can give you an advantage.

Convenience in Baking

Our frozen yeast formulations can be used with no thawing or preparation required.

Stable Fermentation Power

Frozen yeast retains its fermentation capacity over long periods in low temperatures.

Resistant to Thermal Shock

Frozen dough can be kept in deep freeze conditions for up to 3 months.

How You Can Use Frozen Yeast

Make the best of our frozen yeast formulations for excellent baking results.

Ideal for smaller yeast users such as craft bakers, hotel and caterers.

Fully fluid yeast which can be poured directly into the mixer without prior defreezing

Suitable for use in frozen doughs.


Here are some key properties of our frozen yeast:

Available in two quality levels: standard and osmotolerant (for sweet doughs).

Packaged in a 14kg bag in a box or a 500g Tetra Pac.

Retains all properties when stored under -18°C.

Our Range of Frozen Yeast Products

Learn more about each of our frozen yeast formulations.

Saf Semi-Dry Red Label

Perfect for unsweetened doughs, or doughs with less than 5% sugar content.

Saf Semi-Dry Gold Label

Incorporate into dough with over 5% sugar on flour weight.

L’hirondelle® LHIS White

Ideal for frozen dough applications. Use in lean doughs.

L’hirondelle® LHIS Gold

Ideal for frozen dough applications. Use in very sweet and fat-rich doughs.

Take Your Baking to a New Level

Learn how our products can be customised to meet your unique baking needs.