Frozen Yeast

Frozen Yeast


Free-flowing frozen yeast (FFFY) was first developed and refined by Lesaffre. It help bakers improve the stability and storage of frozen dough, meeting the growing demand for frozen products and long distance logistic constraints. We offer a variety of frozen yeasts and are formulated to suit various frozen dough processes.

Saf Semi-Dry Frozen Yeast

Saf semi-dry® is a free-flowing frozen yeast (FFFY), packaged in an easy-to-store and use pack that adds convenience and flexibility of frozen dough techniques to your baking process. It is ideally suited for artisan bakers, hotels, restaurants and caterers alike.


Superior Level of Performance

Saf semi-dry® frozen yeast is specially adapted to frozen dough applications that require long shelf-life while maintaining the flavour and appearance of baked products.



The resealable, air-tight packaging reduces risk of contamination, maintaining yeast quality over multiple uses.



Saf semi-dry® can be use immediately straight from the freezer with no thawing required. The smaller pack size makes it easy to store and allows you to pour the yeast directly into the mixer.

Saf Semi-Dry Red Label

Suitable for all recipes without sugar or with a low level of sugar (less than 5% sugar on flour weight)

Saf Semi-Dry Gold Label

Recommended for dough with more than 5% sugar on flour weight



L’hirondelle Frozen Yeast

L’hirondelle® L.H.I.S. (Levure à Humidité Intermédiaire Surgelée, or Free-Flowing Frozen Yeast) gives industrial and chain bakers greater flexibility to tailor their offerings. Pioneered and refined by Lesaffre, it can be used for a variety of processes including frozen pizzas, croissants, bread rolls, or the freshest sandwiches.


Improves dough stability in storage

Specially adapted to frozen dough applications with storage periods over three months, L’hirondelle® L.H.I.S. retains the stability of its fermentation power and slows the start of fermentation in frozen dough.


Economical & convenient to use for high quality results

Remaining fluid, even at -20ºC, L’hirondelle® L.H.I.S. can be used straight from the freezer. Just add the required amount directly into the kneading machine from the economical, bulk pack. Defrosting is not required.

L’hirondelle® LHIS White

For recipes without sugar  or <5% sugar content.

L’hirondelle® LHIS Gold

For sweet dough, rich in fat with recipes >5% sugar content.

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