Blends & Premixes

Our ready-to-use blends and premixes are constantly being adapted and refined to anticipate changing consumer tastes. Combining pre-measured quantities of yeast, flavour and improvers, our mixes help professional bread makers and chefs to create a broad selection of breads, pizza bases, Viennese baked goods, sweet specialities and more. These premixes and blends consistently produce an easy to work dough that creates the textures and tastes consumers want from their favourite bread or croissant. While saving time, mixes offer greater flexibility so you can tailor your recipes to meet local palates.


Accessible and creative, Inventis is the brand for bakers who love to customise their products and diversify their offer for your pleasure and convenience.



With Inventis, you will discover a unique selection of creative, easy-to-make recipes, each with its own special taste and texture, to release your imagination.



Bread, Viennese pastries, pizzas… You can be sure, everyone will find what they want. Inventis is the ideal solution for customers in search of something new to indulge in.

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