Tradizy®, Esprit de levain: master the spirit of sourdough easily

Tradizy® is our one-stop formulation for crafting sourdough breads quickly, with consistent results every time. Employing the concept of esprit de levain, Tradizy® Durum is designed to simplify the process of working with sourdough for novice bakers and professionals alike. Embrace the spirit of sourdough, minus all its complexity.

Why Tradizy®?

Experience the art of baking sourdough made effortless.

Reliable Fermentation

A speciality devised sourdough formulation with consistent fermentation capacity.

Safe and Time-Saving

Make sourdough bread quickly, easily and safely with a variety of recipes.

Excellent Flavour and Texture

Enjoy the rustic flavour of durum wheat with the crispness of sourdough bread.

How You Can Use Tradizy®

Take your baking to new heights with our expert, easy-to-use bread improver.

Add 1 sachet of Tradizy® to 10kg to 20kg of flour in a mixer.

Add water and salt according to the recipe and mix.

Ideal for baguettes, ciabatta, sandwich bread, milk bread and more.


Here are some key properties of Tradizy®:

Packaged in an 8kg box containing 20 sachets of 400g each.

Shelf life of 18 months at room temperature.


Your Key to Sourdough Success

Unlock the secret to perfect sourdough with our Tradizy® product.

Livendo Tradizy® Durum

An all-in-one, very easy to use product for anyone starting with sourdough.

Take Your Baking to a New Level

Learn how our products can be customised to meet your unique baking needs.