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Typically vacuum-packed, Instant Dry Yeast (IDY) is a dry yeast that resembles tiny particles of vermicelli. Because of its small particle size, IDY absorbs liquid rapidly and does not need to be hydrated before mixing into flour.

Able to be stored and used at room temperature, IDY is a feasible option for bakers not using fresh or compressed yeast.

Product highlights


Convenient and easy to use

SAF-INSTANT® dry yeast can be introduced directly into the mix, reducing your mixing and preparation time.


Excellent fermentation stability even in challenging environments

SAF-INSTANT® dry yeast offers exceptional fermentation stability even in ambient temperatures, easily adapting to the climate and culture of different regions.


Easy storage and long shelf life

SAF-INSTANT® dry yeast comes vacuum-packed and can be transported and stored easily.



For dough with 5–20% sugar content



For no-sugar dough with 0–5% sugar content



For high sugar dough with sugar content above 20%

Shelf life and storage

SAF-INSTANT® dry yeast has a two-year shelf life from the date of production. Store it in a cool dry place, with the optimal temperature being lower than 25°. Avoid direct contact with ice or iced water.

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