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Instant Dry Yeast (IDY) is a dry yeast that looks like tiny particles of vermicelli and is typically vacuum-packed. Its small particle size means that IDY absorbs liquid rapidly and does not need to be hydrated before mixing into flour. IDY is particularly useful in break-making conditions or with products that do not suit fresh or compressed yeast options.

Product Ability

Ready-to-use, for maximum convenienve

SAF-INSTANT® range of dry yeast can be incorporate directly into the mix, allowing a shorter mixing and preparation time.


Excellent Fermentation Stability, even in challenging environments

To adapt to the climate and culture of the regions, SAF-INSTANT®  dry yeast offers excellent fermentation stability even in ambient temperature.


Ease of Storing, with long shelf-life

While it packs a lot of power, SAF-INSTANT® dry yeast can be transported and stored easily as it is vacuum packed.



For dough with sugar content from 5% to 20%



For no sugar dough with sugar content at 0% to 5%



For high sugar dough with sugar content above 20%

Shelf-life and Storage

  • Two years shelf-life from production date.
  • Store in a cool dry place with optimal temperature of <25°.
  • Avoid direct contact with ice or iced water.
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