The world of bread-making is personal and dynamic, whether you are creating local flatbreads, soft sweet rolls, steamed buns or crusty baguettes. For the modern baker, perfecting the standard soft roll or sandwich loaf is not enough to satisfy consumers’ ever-changing appetites. Consumers expect that bakers will produce the latest breads or hottest treats and make them available, wherever they are eating. Fortunately, Lesaffre has a range of solutions to help you meet, and more often, exceed consumer expectations.

Sandwich Bread

One of the most savoured breads of our time, sandwich breads are simultaneously the most adaptable and the most customisable bread variety. The size, shape, consistency, aroma, softness and ability of each loaf to stay fresh longer are essentials to keep consumers coming back for more.


The baguette is  characterised by its long, thin and crisp crust. While the baguette has since evolved into variations and styles to suit local tastes and trends, no one knows better than the French the secrets of baking a classic baguette.


A new term that is recently introduced in the baking industry, Eurosoft is a soft bread with appearance looking like European breads. This bread provides a chewy texture with a crusty appearance that receive much attention within the Asian consumers.

Steamed Buns

Once the domain of every Chinese restaurants, steamed buns now can be found available in supermarket freezers, convenience stores and bakeries alike. Filled with either sweet or savoury fillings, these fluffy and soft steamed buns delight the taste buds of consumers young and old.


Light, airy and slightly sweet, brioche buns comes in a variety of forms, and can be served plain or filled with savoury or sweet items to delight bread lovers. Not the easiest bread to make, Lesaffre provides solutions to improve dough tolerance and achieve long-lasting softness and freshness in you brioche.

Roti Manis

Roti manis, the most traditional and common buns in Indonesia. As the preference of it from younger consumers are evolving, Lesaffre is constantly looking for new ways to provide variety in terms of flavour and texture to this humble bun.


Be it thin and crispy, hand-tossed, baked fresh or cooked straight from freezer to oven, pizza bases have a lot of live up to. Consumers anticipate the sensations of the experience as they bite into their favourite toppings. To win their loyalty, you need the right yeast and ingredients to help create the perfect pizza base.

Croissants & Pastries

Made from yeast-leavened dough, croissants today come in a variety of shapes and sized that can be eaten alone or with a filling. Viennes pastries continue to delight consumers across the globe with their perfect combination of flaky crust and soft, melt-in-the mouth finish.

Banh Mi

Bánh mì or banh mi, Vietnamese version of a baguette and also a symbol of Vietnam. This bun though simple looking, represent the pride and sweat of the Vietnamese bakers. Bakers today are looking to improve the appearance and taste of this bun to cater to younger generation while retaining its nostalgic flavour.

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