Fresh Yeast


Fresh/ Compressed Yeast


Fresh yeast comes in liquid, crumbled and compressed forms, each with different particle sizes and benefits. It is easily added during the mixing process. In Asia Pacific, compressed yeast is a popular choice for industrial and craft bakers alike, driven by economics and practicality. Benefits of fresh yeast:


  • Extremely easy to use – incorporate in mixer without preparation
  • Ideal for many baking applications
  • Good stability when kept at +4°C
  • Must store at or below +10°C. Requires established cold chain logistics and transportation

FIVE STARS® Fresh Yeast


FIVE STARS® fresh yeast is a high quality yeast relied on by industrial and craft bakers across Asia Pacific. Suited to both traditional and modern bread-making technologies, FIVE STARS® fresh yeast helps bakers create high quality Asian and European baked goods alike.


Versatile and easy to use

FIVE STARS® fresh yeast is ideal for a wide variety of baked products. It is also adopted for frozen dough processes in making various bakery products. Achieve desirable browning crumb and crust in rolls, baguettes, croissants, pastries and many other baked goods.


Good stability producing high quality results

FIVE STARS® fresh yeast offers good fermentation stability when stored as recommended. It produces high quality and flavourful baked goods while retaining its appearance. To retain its fermentation power, cold chain logistics and transportation are required.


Five Star® Red Fresh Yeast

For low sugar or lean dough with recipe <5% sugar content

Five Star® Gold Fresh Yeast

For sweet dough with recipe >5% sugar content

SAF VIET® Fresh Yeast

SAF-VIET® is a high performing fresh yeast recommended by bakers who expect the highest quality. Applications & Benefits Saf-Viet® fresh yeast is used for the manufacturing of any type of lean dough bakery products using traditional or modern technologies. Ideal in fast processes or frozen applications, Saf-Viet® yeast is recognized for its consistency and high fermenting power.


Saf-Viet® Fresh Yeast
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