Bread Improvers

Bread Improvers


Lesaffre’s range of bread improvers are designed to simplify and enhance the work of bakers. A tailored blend of ingredients, bread improvers optimise the functional characteristics of breads by significantly changing the way dough acts at different stages of the bread-making process.


Our improvers are developed and tested in real, local conditions and everyday usage. We consider flour quality, manufacturing processes, the equipment used and the nature of the finished product. Our experts are experienced bakers and formulators who understand the dough structure desired, characteristics of different flours and production challenges.

MAGIMIX, 30 years’ experience and expertise


Peace of mind daily

Magimix has a wide range of solutions to make the baker’s job easier and offer consumers the bread they love.


Effective and efficient products

Each improver guarantees genuine results and solutions adapted to each type of flour and each baking process.

IBIS® Dough Improver


Asian consumers preference for soft and fluffy breads has kept bread makers going to create and innovate various baked goods to suit consumers’ taste buds. These consumers determine the freshness of breads by its softness and IBIS® is a multi-purpose softening system that helps to maintain a softer texture in bread.

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