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Bread Improvers


Our range of bread improvers are specially designed to simplify and enhance your baking.


Through a tailored blend of ingredients, bread improvers optimise the functional characteristics of bread by changing the way dough behaves at different stages of the bread-making process.


Our bread improvers are developed and tested in real-world and everyday conditions. Flour quality, manufacturing process, equipment and the nature of the finished product are all taken into account.


Our experts involved are also experienced bakers and formulators who are knowledgeable about desired dough structures, flour characteristics and production challenges.

Magimix: 30 years of experience and expertise


Giving peace of mind to bakers every day

Magimix offers a wide range of solutions to make every baker’s job easier. That way, consumers can always get the bread they love.


Effective and efficient products

Guaranteeing real results, Magimix bread improvers are adapted to different flour types and baking processes.

IBIS® Dough Improver


Asian consumers’ preference for soft and fluffy breads have kept bread-makers on an ongoing quest to innovate and create different kinds of baked goods.


With Asian consumers evaluating the freshness of bread based on softness, IBIS® is a multi-purpose softening system that helps to maintain softer textures.

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