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With its tangy flavour, sourdough bread is an increasingly popular offering at cafes and bakeries across the region. Bakers use sourdough as a differentiating factor to give fresh appeal to conventional bread products.

You can find innovative sourdough-based versions of toasted breads, donuts, pizzas and even croissants. In fact, the versatility and appeal of sourdough have contributed to a significant increase in packaged sourdough products in recent years.

What Gives Sourdough its Premium Appeal?

Making sourdough from scratch can be time-consuming, including the regular refreshing of the sourdough starter to keep it active.

This traditional process and the unique flavours of sourdough give it a premium image among consumers, who perceive it as a more natural, healthier, and authentic alternative to white breads.

With 2 in 3 APAC* consumers willing to spend more on premium quality food**, it is no wonder that bakers are using sourdough to offer more premium and differentiated products.

A Sourdough Range for Every Professional’s Needs

Driven by consumers’ positive image of sourdough, we developed Livendo®—a comprehensive range of solutions that guarantee ease of use, consistency in results and diversity in application for sourdough products.

Livendo®’s sourdough formulations are also designed to spark your imagination in the kitchen. With our devitalised sourdough, a single recipe can be applied to create 10 variations of the same bread, each with its unique flavour and aromatic notes.

Explore our selection of sourdough solutions for professional bakers:


Livendo® starters simplify the process of baking sourdough breads, giving you consistent results comparable to that of traditional methods. Our starters boast a careful selection of pure yeast and bacteria strains, providing your bakes with the desired characteristics and aroma.

Devitalised Sourdough

Ideal for sweet Asian breads or European-style breads, Livendo® ’s selection of devitalised sourdough formulations will help you create unique aromatic and visual profiles. Available in powder form, you can easily add devitalised sourdough into any recipe!

Live Sourdough

Livendo®’s ready-to-use live sourdough formulations let you create delicious bread without the hassle of preparing everything from scratch. Our live sourdough is developed through the natural fermentation of organic cereal flour, making it a healthy and time-saving addition to your recipes.

Find tailored solutions to create your perfect sourdough with Livendo®. Visit livendo-lesaffre.com/ to explore our innovative and practical sourdough products for every baker.

Talk to us about your baking ideas and needs—we’re always ready to support you with our innovative baking solutions.

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*APAC: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

**Source: Mintel Global Consumer Data – March 2021 – Food & Drink

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