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Bake Perfect Sourdough Bread Effortlessly


You don’t have to be a sourdough expert to make delicious bread.


Introducing LIVENDO®, a comprehensive sourdough range to help you create your very own signature flavours easily!


At Lesaffre, baking is our passion, so you can leave the work to us while you focus on perfecting your art of baking!




Comprising quality strains, our live sourdough develops powerful, highly acidifying fermentation properties as well as great aromatic qualities during the baking process.



The stability of our products ensure that bakers can consistently create flavourful traditional sourdough breads and do so on a larger production scale.



Our range of sourdough ingredients can be readily incorporated into your flour mix, allowing you to easily adjust the amount based on your recipe.



Our sourdough solutions are suitable for all baking processes including straight, slow proofing and inhibited fermentation.

Lesaffre’s Palette of Aromas: your sourdough baking companion


At Lesaffre, our very own “Palette of Aromas” categorises the different key characteristics of sourdough bread.


This guide helps you identify the various unique aromatic notes of sourdough, making it easier for you to find the perfect match for your recipe.

Discover what LIVENDO® has to offer


LIVENDO® is a comprehensive range of sourdough products that includes starters, live sourdough and various sourdough ingredients.



Comprising a careful selection of pure yeast and bacteria strains, starters are used to obtain sourdough that has the desired characteristics for baking. This helps to determine and produce the aroma found in bread.


LIVENDO® starters help to simplify the process of creating consistent sourdough comparable to that of traditional methods.

Sourdough ingredients


LIVENDO® has a substantial range of ingredients that can be directly incorporated into your mix to produce aromatic properties similar to that of sourdough.


Available in liquid and powder form, these ingredients can also be combined to create unique aromatic and visual profiles, suitable for sweet Asian breads or European-style breads.


What’s more, these ingredients are simple to use and can be easily added into any recipe!

Live sourdough


Our ready-to-use live sourdough allows you to prepare sourdough bread without the hassle of doing everything from scratch.


Produced through the natural fermentation of cereal flour obtained from organic farming, our live sourdough is a healthy and time-saving addition to any recipe!

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