A part in preparing the disadvantaged for employment in the baking industry

Thye Hua Kuan’s mini bakery which was upgraded from a classroom Thye Hua Kuan’s mini bakery which was upgraded from a classroom

Through Lesaffre’s Echo Programme, Lesaffre’s subsidiaries and business units engage in philanthropic projects to support local communities or serve our mission of working together to better nourish and protect the planet.

Lesaffre Singapore recently had the opportunity to provide expertise and on-site training to the Thye Hua Kuan (THK) Pan-Disability Centre to set up a training bakery. This would help the centre better prepare its clients for employment in the baking industry.

THK Pan-Disability Centre, which forms part of the THK Moral Charities group, serves clients with hearing disabilities, intellectual disabilities or multiple disabilities. Programmes offered by the centre are catered for adults aged 18 above. Through workshops and efforts to help their clients secure jobs, the centre seeks to assist them with integrating into the workforce.

Clients get to be offered one of these training tracks: Housekeeping and culinary service, woodworking and in-house contract/production. To help clients obtain real-life work experience, the centre offers manpower to the general public based on these tracks.

Having identified the baking industry as a suitable sector for its clients, THK Pan-Disability Centre requested help from Lesaffre Singapore to set up their training bakery. This bakery would be used to prepare clients for the roles they would undertake when joining the baking industry.

As an initial trial run, the centre upgraded its training classroom to function as a mini bakery. Lesaffre Singapore supported this effort by sharing planning advice for the full-scale bakery layout, equipment recommendations, bread-making guidance to bakers and expertise on producing large daily quantities.

With preparations underway to construct the full-scale bakery, training sessions were held in the centre’s mini bakery. Lesaffre Singapore also organised a Christmas baking workshop for the management in November 2020 to inaugurate the new mini bakery classroom.

Lesaffre Singapore is heartened to have played a role in preparing individuals from THK Pan-Disability Centre to integrate with the workforce and our larger baking community.

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