The Potential of Vegan Breads in APAC

The rapid rise of plant-based sector in APAC presents both challenges and opportunities for the bread industry.

Vegan Breads Taking Off in APAC

The number of new vegan packaged breads launched in the region has grown by six times in 2022 as compared to 20191, albeit from a small base. Not surprising, the most active countries to launch vegan packaged bread and bread products are Australia and New Zealand.

Plant protein, wheat protein and cricket protein are some of the protein alternatives used in vegan breads. In addition, vegan packaged breads are commonly positioned with nutrition and wellness benefits, such as higher in fibre and protein, to bring out a healthy appeal.

More foodservice outlets, such as Mos Burger in Japan and Ikea restaurant in Hong Kong, have also started offering vegan options to cater to the rising number of vegans and flexitarians.

However, there is still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to plant-based food. 1 in 3 consumers said they would not consider buying plant-based alternatives because of its taste and texture2.

Bake Vegan Lavender Blueberry Bun with Saf-instant® 

Looking for a trendy and natural soft vegan bread to appeal to APAC consumers? Look no further than our Saf-instant® recipe collection.

A wonderful match of juicy blueberry and subtle fragrance of lavender in every bite of this vegan-friendly bun. This combination makes a perfect start to the day for breakfast or as an afternoon snack with a cup of earl-grey tea.

(click on image for recipe)

Opportunities for Bakeries 

Until today, the bakery sector has been a little behind in the plant-based trend compared to meat and beverages. However, this also means ample of opportunities for growth! There’s lots of potential for the wide range of bread and bread products in APAC to go vegan. Think vegan Hokkaido Milk Bread or Vegan Pandan buns.

Whether it is formulating vegan bread recipes, exploring yeast protein, or looking for tailored solutions, we are here to help. Reach out to your local distributor for more information!

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