Eating With Your Eyes: How Can APAC Bakeries Ride the Trend?

In this age of social media, the appearance of food products is vital in attracting engagement from modern consumers. Apps like Instagram and TikTok have become home to delectable shots of meals, snacks and desserts.

The Appeal Behind “Instagrammable” Food

“Instagrammable” or photogenic food has continued to rise in popularity, with foodies around APAC willing to stand in line for hours to take snaps of a visually appealing cup of coffee or decadent dessert.

The eat-with-your-eyes trend sees food establishments compete to capture the interest of consumers with innovative creations and twists on conventional fare. Food with unique flavours, ingredients, textures and appearances can rack up millions of likes and shares online.

Moreover, the aesthetic value of food is just as important as its taste. Consumers are encouraged to try a food product due to its visual attractiveness. A visually appealing meal also influences the perception of its taste.

The enthusiasm for Instagrammable food is not limited to cafes and eateries. During COVID-19 lockdowns, people around the world found joy and comfort in sharing their homemade attempts at novel and exciting foods.

Even today, a beautiful dessert or snack can lift the spirits of those quarantined in Covid isolation.

How Can Bakeries Tap Into the Trend?

Like any food provider, bakeries also strive to offer unique, Instagram-ready products for their customers.

Bread and baked goods are especially well-suited to the popularity of eating with your eyes. Bread products are versatile and can be customised and localised in various ways.

According to Innova, 1 in 5 APAC consumers claimed they have eaten more bread and bread products thanks to the greater variety and novelty available.*

More bakeries in the region are attracting consumers by utilising bright and vibrant colours, blending unconventional flavour combinations and crafting inventive designs for their baked goods.

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*Source: Innova Consumer – Category Survey (2020) – Bread & Bread products

**APAC: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

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