Bake Confidently With Magimix® Bread Improvers

Bread improvers—also known as dough conditioners—are a tailored blend of ingredients, containing flour and enzymes. They optimise the functional characteristics of bread by changing how dough behaves at different stages of bread-making.

Why Are Bread Improvers Important?

The quality of bread is affected by various factors in the bread-making process, such as weather conditions. This is why you might make a great loaf of bread today, but might be less successful tomorrow even with the same ingredients and techniques.

Bread improvers support bakers by ensuring the production of consistent and high-quality breads. Different types of improvers work to improve specific technical properties of breads.

The right selection of bread improvers will help facilitate efficient, hassle-free production and enhance the quality of yeast-raised bakery products.

Find Your Ideal Baking Solution With the Magimix® Range of Improvers

With 30 years of experience and expertise in developing bread improvers, our innovative Magimix® range offers a variety of solutions for all types of breads and bread-making processes, including the frozen process.

Each improver provides genuine results and is developed and tested under real conditions.

Magimix®  is designed to provide functional solutions that are adapted to every baker’s needs:

Volume and Tolerance
Improves dough tolerance and promotes good oven spring.

Strengthens dough to eliminate blistering on crusty breads.

Extensibility and Machinability 
Enhances extensibility and prevents dough from shrinking or slackening.

Limits bacterial growth and prevents mould contamination.

Improves softness and preserves bread’s freshness for days after production.

Prevents flaky crusts resulting from the freeze-drying process and ensures consistency in appearance.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Enjoy genuine results and peace of mind with Magimix® as your trusted baking partner. Visit to learn more about the full range of Magimix® bread improvers.

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