Trends in the baking world are constantly evolving to meet customers’ ever-changing demands and diets. To keep up with the trend, Lesaffre has been partnering with bakers in the region, while working alongside formulators and researchers around the world to tap into the latest baking trends. With a wide variety of consumers’ preferences for baked products in the region, Lesaffre help bakers to innovate by providing the ingredients and knowledge to bring them to life.

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Gluten Free

A growing number of consumers are adopting a gluten-free diet across the Asia Pacific region. The growth of gluten-free can be clearly seen in the expanding space on supermarket shelves devoted to gluten-free foods and the prevalence of gluten-free offering on menus.


A key challenge for bakers is that gluten plays a major role in elasticity and extensibility in breadmaking. Gluten-free breads and baked goods need to be as attractive in taste and texture as their traditional counterparts. Fortunately, with years of experience, Lesaffre has designed solutions for gluten-free baked goods to produce close match results.


Find out about our sensory analysis which helps customers to improve their gluten-free recipes using novel texturisers, improvers and natural flavour enhancers, as well mixers for special applications.


Clean Label or Free From

In Ingredient terms, less is more. Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for ingredients with names they recognise. As a result, around one in four new product launched across Asia Pacific today is described as “clean label”. In this environment where transparency is more important, industrial bakers need to be nimble. Simpler labels with ingredients consumer recognise are in demand.


Retailers are requiring e-free breads, with natural colours, and without additives or preservatives. Information about ingredient sourcing and sustainability is also called for, as consumers search for more “authentic” and “real foods”.

Frozen Dough

With rapid economic growth in Asia Pacific, the food and beverage industry is constantly evolving and innovating to meet the demand of the consumers. The need to deliver fresh baked goods across the country poses many challenges in terms of shelf-life, logistics and cost control. Industrial bakers are looking for frozen dough solutions to navigate these issues, while hospitality outlets such as restaurants, hotels and cafes that do not have baking facilities or expertise are also benefiting.


Lesaffre has been working alongside industrial bakers to continue to refine and innovate frozen dough techniques, maintaining the freshness of baked goods and delivering greater variety to consumers.



Contrasting the pace and mass production of modern life, comes the attraction of the slow and authentic. Artisanal bakeries are gaining popularity, especially in developing countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, catering to the expanding middle class community.


With innovative ingredients and mixes to suit traditional breads, sweet specialty breads and healthier breads, Lesaffre can help you create artisan breads in less time, with greater cost efficiency.

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