Bread-based Innovations

During Covid-19 lockdowns in various parts of Asia Pacific and the world, Japanese artists and Indonesian home bakers turned to toast art as the ultimate distraction du jour. These edible 10x10cm masterpieces were created, then shared and liked by millions of users on Instagram and other social media platforms.


Over in South Korea, local cafes rode the global Dalgona coffee wave. Mouth-watering Dalgona scones were baked to complement their customers’ brews, keeping them coming back for more.


In Singapore, movement restrictions couldn’t stop families from carrying on with the Mother’s Day cake-giving tradition. Innovative bakers crafted cakes made with bread, allowing families to express just how much Mum meant to them.


These are just some examples of how bread can quickly turn from an everyday food staple into a canvas for art, creativity and an expression of affection. Indeed, these challenging times have inspired new and inventive creations with a baking product loved around the world.


It’s also an example of how individuals across the globe create and engage with new bread trends across multiple social media platforms every day. 


As seasons change, so will these trends. 


Here at Lesaffre, we have a team of experts who can bring you up to speed on the latest. That way, your business can focus on what it does best while thriving in a landscape where consumer behaviour is ever-changing. Watch the video below to learn more about Asia Pacific’s bread trends in 2020.

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