Selecting The Right Ingredients For Baking

Selecting The Right Baking Ingredients


The constant drive for innovation to better improve the baking process, Lesaffre continually develops and refines solution especially in baking ingredients. In keeping up with the trends, bakers are under pressure to create unique, new offers and surprising offerings in baked goods to satisfy the diversity of consumers in Asia Pacific.

Lesaffre offers a wide range of baking ingredients that helps you constantly rise to the challenge. Depending on what kind of results you wish to achieve, consider the following areas when selecting the appropriate baking ingredients.


What do you want to achieve?
  • Increasing volume of the bread
  • Improving dough tolerance
  • Improve bread softness
  • Improving texture of crumb and crust
  • Extending shelf-life
  • Replacing preservatives


Production process or method
  • Desired fermentation time – fast or slow
  • Sponge or dough
  • Frozen dough processes and techniques (ready to mold, ready to proof, pre-proofed frozen, freezer to oven (FTO), frozen par-baked, thaw and serve)


Balancing dough extensibility and elasticity 

The strength of the dough is critical to the outcome of your baked products. The quality and consistency of the dough is determine by its elastic properties and this depends on how the gluten is activated during mixing process.


Targeted eating qualities
  • Reduced salt content
  • Desired aroma and flavour
  • Desired colour


Time Considerations


Reduce baking preparation time


Other considerations
  • “Additive free”(or free of emulsifier)
  • Organic
  • Ethical considerations

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