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A global key player in yeasts and fermentation, Lesaffre designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for Baking, Food Taste & Pleasure, Healthcare and Biotechnology.

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Do you know you can create awesome recipes combining ingredients from our different business units?

spicy chicken

Spicy chicken floss bun

Experience an exciting burst of flavours and textures, combining softness, spiciness and health all in one!

  • Lesaffre MAGIMIX® Softness bread softener – improves the softness of your bread and provides an extended freshness promise
  • Biospringer Springer®  1405 – elevates spices flavour and spicy sensations, creating a longer lasting tasting experience
  • Gnosis Lynside® Nutri Optimum BA10 – boosts your day-to day nutrition with this traditional superfood which is naturally rich in proteins, fibres, B-vitamins and minerals.

Oh-so-divine Chocolate croissant

Decadent and buttery croissant filled with a chocolatey sauce enriched with vitamin K2.

  • Lesaffre LIVENDO® LV1 sourdough starter – enhances the creamy and buttery aromas of
    your bread with sourdough
  • Biospringer Springer® 6008 – boosts natural roasted cocoa notes
  • Gnosis VitaMK7® – promotes bone and cardiovascular health with vitamin K2 as MK7, derived and fermented naturally from bacillus subtilis Natto

Savoury dippers with Cheddar sauce

Crusty bread sticks paired with creamy rich cheddar sauce.

  • Lesaffre SENSATIONS® mix – provides convenience in creating a flavourful crust, several variations available
  • Biospringer Springer® Signature Cheese – delivers an authentic cheese notes, creates a richer and prolonged cheesy flavour profile
  • Gnosis RED STAR® VSF Yeast Flakes – supports diverse metabolic functions with nutritional yeast fortified with B-vitamins. Gluten-free and allergen-free

Flaming Tuna Toast

Country baguette toast topped with tuna flakes coated in generous doses of peri peri mayo.

  • Lesaffre LIVENDO® F200 – enhances the taste profile of the country baguette, providing it with a more roasted and wheaty flavour.
  • Biospringer Springer® 1405 – highlights spiciness of peri peri mayo, creating the perfect balance of spices, spicy, garlicky and lemony flavour
  • Gnosis Lynside® Nutri Organic BA10 – provides a well-balanced nutritional profile to a
    meal with this sustainable and organic traditional superfood

This is a Business to Business information intended for food / food supplements manufacturers and not for the final consumer. Regulatory & Intellectual property requirements vary by country and applications (including claims). We encourage our customers to check the applicable local laws before launching the product on the market for each country. These statements may not have been evaluated by your local Food and Drug Administration or your regulatory authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. A healthy, balanced and diversified diet should fulfill all of our nutritional needs.

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