Buttery French Croissants
A decadent buttery, fragrant and flaky viennoiserie pastry that goes well as a sandwich, or with spreads, or entirely on its own!
serving size
36 pieces
Serve with a warm cup of coffee or tea.
Download this recipe

Download this recipe



Item g %
Flour 1000.00 100%
Eggs 100.00 10%
Water 400.00 40%
Salt 20.00 2%
Sugar 150.00 15%
Saf Semi-Dry® Gold yeast 20.00 2%
Magimix® Light Green bread improver for Pre-proof frozen applications 15.00 2%
Livendo® BD100 30.00 3%
Butter 50.00 5%
Total 1,785.00
Folding butter 450.00



1. Folding butter:
    – Put the folding butter on a large piece of baking paper.
    – Fold and wrap the baking paper around the butter (like an envelope).
    – With a rolling pin, roll the butter into a rectangle of 15 x 30cm.
    – Use the butter within 5 – 10 mins after the preparation.



1. Put all the ingredients in the mixer.
2. In a spiral mixer, mix for 6 mins on low speed and 2 mins on high. The final dough temperature should be between 21 – 24°C.
3. Gather the dough and make it into a block. Cover it with a cling wrap.
4. Put the dough in the chiller for 12 to 24 hours.



1. Laminate the dough in a rectangle shape of 30 x 60cm.
2. Place the folding butter inside the dough and fold/wrap it like an envelope.
3. Laminate the dough at a thickness of 8mm. Do a double fold of the dough (4 layers).
4. Cover the dough with a cling wrap and refrigerate for 30 mins.
5. Laminate the dough at a thickness of 8mm. Run a single fold (3 layers).
6. Cover the dough with a cling wrap and refrigerate for 30 mins.
7. Roll out the dough at 3.5mm thickness, in a rectangle of 56 x 35cm.
8. Cut the dough sheet in triangles of 28cm (height) x 7cm (base). Roll the triangle sheet into a croissant shape.
9. Proof for 120 – 150 mins at 25 – 30°C.



1. Do a layer of egg wash on top of each croissant before baking.
2. Bake at 180°C in a convection oven for 16 – 18 mins.

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